Part 1: How to get a job in tech sales - Stop applying 🤯

Ok, so you read my previous post on why tech sales is a great career move.

Now how do Tech Sales Mentors students take the first to getting the job?

They stop applying to job openings

“Wait, what? How the hell am I supposed to get a job if I’m not applying to them?”

To get a job, you first need to understand how the employer works. If you understand how the employer works, you’ll know how to get the job.

So let me explain to you what an employer does when you apply online

When you take your time to apply to a job online..the hiring manager doesn’t even read it!

“What? Why the hell aren’t they reading it?”

Frankly, the hiring manager is busy. They have to support their existing team and make sure their team is getting the help they need. But of course, part of their job is bringing amazing people onto the team. So they do spend some time recruiting. But recruiting doesn’t only mean looking at who applied online. It also means interviewing candidates and discussing it with teammates.

So it’s clear they’re busy. So they have the recruiter also look through the resumes. But guess what? The recruiter is busy too! They only want to speak to candidates who are the most qualified for the role. They do this because they know these candidates are more likely to get a job. But that may leave out really great candidates like you that don’t have as "qualified" experience.

So are you confident that they’ll find your resume in the stack they have to go through. Are you confident that you’re more “qualified” than other applicants? If you’re like me, I like applying for jobs that I’m not qualified for, but that I know I can learn and excel at. But this presents a problem when applying online.

I’ll get rejected because they’ll look at my resume and it won’t be as “qualified” as other applicants.

So if you’re likely to get rejected when you apply to a job opening, how do you get the job?

You go straight to the source. Email the hiring manager.

This concept is called cold emailing. “cold” here means this person doesn’t know who you are. And when you’re emailing a person who doesn’t know you, you better make damn sure your email is good. But why is emailing the manager better than applying online? Let’s think through it.

Applying online is a unpersonalized mass message

When you apply to jobs online, you do roughly the same thing for each application by uploading your resume. Your mass message is your resume and you blast it out into the universe hoping some employers bite. And guess what, everyone else does the same thing. How do you think that helps your chances of standing out if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else?

I get it, you don’t have a lot of time. What else are you supposed to do? I want to challenge you to allocate your time a little differently during your job search. Stop applying to 10 companies and only spending a little amount of time on each. Apply to 5 companies that actually get you excited and spend a lot of time on each.

And instead of mass messaging every employer the same thing...

You need to create a personalized message!

This is a message that is 1/1. A successful email here would only make sense to the person you crafted the message for and that person alone. An example of that is mentioning something you saw about them on the internet (company blog, Twitter, LinkedIn). When you do this, you are more likely to get a response out of them.

In fact, 60% of the employers my students reach out to end up scheduling interviews with them. That's compared to candidates who get interviews with 2% of the employers they apply online to. Need I say more?

This is exactly how I got my first job in tech sales. See below 👇,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Why did college Sameer have that long of an email signature? 🤦

Now this email kind of sucks. But luckily, it worked. Why did it work?

It makes it about them, not YOU

We’re always focused on me, me, me. Be honest, that’s the thing you care about most. Yourself. So use that concept when you are reaching out to someone. Make it about them, them, them. Because that’s the only thing they care about.

It shows you are putting in the work!

When you email a hiring manager, you are taking your time to do something 99% of people won’t do when applying to a job. It signals to the hiring manager you specifically want this opportunity. And you are the 1% who will put in the effort to get it and excel at it.

You demonstrate that you can do the job

If you’re trying to break into tech sales, you are going to start off as a BDR. One of the BDR’s main tasks is to send cold emails out to convince prospects to take calls with them. What better way to show you can do the job than by trying it out on the hiring manager?

And that’s a wrap!

So now we know how Tech Sales Mentors students get interviews for 60% of the tech sales roles they reach out to.

  1. We stop applying online.
  2. We start emailing highly personalized emails to hiring managers.

We do this because:

  1. It’s makes it about them. Which is the only thing they care about.
  2. It shows you actually care about THIS role, not any role.
  3. You’re signaling you can actually do the BDR role.

Next, we’ll go over what hiring managers look for in a potential BDR. And what types of interview answers Tech Sales Mentors students share to show they're fit for the job. You can see that post here.


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