Our mission is to take our expertise as tech sales reps and pay it forward to the next generation of tech sales reps

Hi, I'm Sameer Jauhar! Founder of Tech Sales Mentors.

Our founder's story

To start with how I got here, let me first go back to college.
At the time, I was majoring in Finance at Michigan State University, but I found myself spending most of my time learning about technology startups. They seemed like the fun, fast-growing & interesting companies in a sea of boring ones.

At a superficial level - no suits, less formality, more friendships. At a deeper level - a chance to make bigger impact, grow faster, & actually enjoy what I do. Sign me up! But being an outsider, I knew nothing about Silicon Valley. My biggest incorrect assumption? Thinking they only hired coders/software engineers. It's all I saw in the news. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk. All these guys were gifted technical minds. How was I supposed to convince people like that to hire me? I was a business guy.

So I thought "hey, I'm in Finance. These startups need funding to grow as fast as they do. So I will go into Investment Banking with my Finance degree and eventually transition to Venture Capital where I fund these startups!"

That was my plan. Now this is what actually happened.

My trip to Silicon Valley
Heading into my Senior Year, my family decided to go on a vacation and visit some cousins who lived in Silicon Valley. I was really excited. I was going to hang out with my cousin, Shaan, a founder out here. I was ready to tell him my big plan of how I would break into the tech world.

And Shaan decided to go on one of his epic rants. He asked me why would I suffer through the hell that is Investment Banking? And why would I want to go into Venture Capital? Funding companies isn't fun. You know what's fun? Building them. So he told me to work for a startup. And what about the fact that I wasn't technically gifted?

No problemo, dummie. There's other roles that need to be done at a tech startup that don't include coding all day. And that's when I found tech sales.
Breaking into tech sales
There were plenty of companies hiring tech sales reps. They didn't require sales experience. No technical skills. No startup history. Just the right character traits. And lucky for me, I excelled at demonstrating those traits. So when I joined Sift as a tech sales rep, I was a perfect fit.

Yeah I went through my struggles. I had a 0.1% email reply rate from potential customers (the benchmark was 10%). I was behind on my quota at my times. My manager would call me out and tell me how I could be doing so much more to fulfill my true potential.

So I learned from my mistakes. And grew into a really good rep. I helped bring in some huge customers to Sift. I crushed my quota. I became the first rep to sell new products we were launching.

And I interviewed tons of tech sales reps trying to join our company. Which is how we get to Tech Sales Mentors.
Why I want to help you
Some of those people that interviewed at Sift were my friends. Growing up in Michigan, none of us ever heard about startups. So when I made it out here, I felt like I was living this dream that none of my friends knew about. I wanted to help show the way! So in my free time I would help my friends with interview prep. And when they got the job, I'd help mentor them. I wanted to see them succeed.

But not everyone has that network that gives them the insider knowledge that is crucial to breaking in. And that sucks. So I've created Tech Sales Mentors to change that.

I don't just want to help people break into tech sales. I want to help them get the best damn job possible. Because there are millions of startups in the world, and most of them aren't the real deal. Myself & our mentors have been in this world for many years now. We have the experience to help make sure you choose the company that is right for you. So you can stop hitting dead ends, and start a prosperous, fulfilling career.

So want to get to know us better? Want to learn more about tech sales? Want to join Tech Sales Mentors and start your tech sales career? Click the button below and let's chat!

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