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Rasheeda Ope
Enterprise SDR, Blend

After my first meeting with my mentor, Sameer, I was a bit skeptical as his goals were direct and very ambitious. He was great at teaching me how to stand out amongst other applicants, telling my story during interviews and mostly importantly putting action and results into my resume. I was able to see progress within the first week of working together and I got to a place where I was rejecting roles and interviews which I never thought I’d be in the position to do so. His drive and determination to see his clients succeed is an inspiration and something I carried on into my new role.

Spencer Hollomon

After a month of trying on my own, I reached out to Tech Sales Mentors. This was the best decision I have ever made in my life. They taught me what tech companies were looking for in their next SDR hires, as well as how your everyday life would be as a SDR. They made me feel like we're in this together and they were fighting for my success. They helped me land my dream job in May 2021 and I can honestly say they changed my life. I would recommend Tech Sales Mentors for anyone who is looking at becoming a SDR. If I could give 100 stars I would, but 10/10 definitely recommend!!

Rishika Raichandani
BDR, Netlify

Tech Sales Mentors proved to be an amazing resource and mentor even before I decided to pursue tech sales. They helped me critically think about my career not just for the next 1 year but literally helped set a path to success for the next 5 years. I came from a finance background and couldn't imagine another day in the career path. When we started working together, I had 1:1 time helping me through hand picking companies, interviewing, and learning the ins and out of sales in Silicon Valley. Their constant feedback, encouragement, and tips helped me land not 1 but 2 offers in just over 2 weeks! Get enrolled before they're all booked up people!

Andrew Hollomon
Account Executive, Sift

Sameer was the one who first introduced me to the BDR/SDR role. He not only informed me on what the role was, but also the future career path that could follow. He assisted in every step of the way, from optimizing my resume, help through the application process, and interview question/answer prep. His help through the process not only sparked my interest in the tech industry, but has also paved the way to my current and future success in this field.

Omar Muhanna
SDR, Blend

Working with Tech Sales Mentors was an amazing experience for me. I came in with very little sales experience and zero SDR experience. I had very little corporate experience as I spent most of my career working for a family owned restaurant. Despite this I was still able to land my first SDR gig at Blend. Tech Sales Mentors amazing flexibility to meet and help at different times of day with your concerns, ability to prepare you for an interview to help separate yourself from the rest of the candidates, and support when things aren't going your way is a surefire way for you to land your dream sales job!

Lucas Linares
SDR, Tonic.ai

In my opinion, the program Tech Sales Mentors runs is more valuable than the degree I got in college. Coming out of college, I was incredibly stressed not knowing if I was going to land a tech sales job because I lacked the network to get an inside scoop on what goes on during the interview process. Knowing my mentor had been in my shoes before made me feel comfortable asking him any question that came to mind. Considering how lucrative tech sales can be, this small investment of time and money pays for itself within no time and a mentor is the bridge that takes you from no job to a tech sales job at a high growth startup.

Angela Lekosiotis
SDR, Vercel

I wish I came across Tech Sales Mentors sooner. I wouldn't even have known the right companies to reach out to if it wasn't for their research and previous experience. Every step of the interview process way, they contributed to constant feedback, mock interview help, and would be available to answer any questions at any time. The motivation from the program, their constant support, and their passion for SDR candidates showed from the first day all the way to accepting a position. Tech Sales Mentors goes the extra mile and you would not regret enrolling in this program!

Jordan Linn
SDR, Chronosphere

I was a bit skeptical at first, but as a 36 year-old insurance agent from Ohio, I knew this was going to be my best shot at getting a job in tech sales... so I booked the call. Within 28 days of my initial reach-out, I had job offers from multiple tech companies. 100% remote, comp plan that would put me in the 6-figure territory, equity, full health Insurance benefits, and numerous other perks you'd expect from a Silicon Valley tech company. I undoubtedly would have paid Tech Sales Mentors 3x the amount I initially did.  I now have a career at the highest level of enterprise tech sales, within an ecosystem that knows how to reward performers.  Thank you again, Tech Sales Mentors!

Julian Winters
SDR, Databricks

Tech Sales Mentors kept my game sharp every step of the way. They were an MVP in my journey, playing a direct role in my preparation and focus throughout my interview process. To anyone who considers themselves a salesman, has their eyes set on getting into tech & is experiencing the hills and valleys of interviewing I advise you to connect with Tech Sales Mentors.

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