Learn Tech Sales For Free

Pay an SDR bootcamp $10,000 just to learn about tech sales? We said, f*ck that. Get ready to learn about tech sales, the career path, and the skills you need to get your first job in tech sales...for free. You're welcome.

A course every tech sales rep wish they had when they started

A course built & taught by the Founder of Tech Sales Mentors, Sameer Jauhar. He distills down the lessons & wisdom he’s gained from his tech sales career & the dozens of SDR candidates he’s helped break into tech sales.


Learn tech sales, fast

A 12 week SDR course? Blasphemy. Your time is precious. We’ve distilled down what you need to know in 5 hours of lessons.


Avoid 1st timer mistakes

You’ll learn how to avoid the common mistakes that every newcomer to tech sales makes, so your career can accelerate faster.


Let's have fun, dorks

Lectures are snoozefests. Fun analogies only. What's an ICP? It's defining your perfect customer..like selling steroids to workout bros, not spiritual yogis.

"Ok..enough of the smooth sales talk. What am I going to actually learn?"

1. B2B SaaS & Tech Sales 101

Learn about why & how tech is taking over the world, how a tech sales organization operates, and where you fit in as an SDR.

2. A career path in tech sales

Discover the many career paths where you can accelerate your income & skills post-SDR life.

3. How SDRs Prospect

The first step to crushing your quota & making the dolla dolla bills is picking the right companies & individuals to reach out to. You're going to want to whip out the pencil & notebook for this one.

4. Cold emailing 101

So now you’re ready to reach out to the leads you found. Uncover how to get more replies that say “yes, let's meet!”, and less, “take me the hell of your mailing list. buddy.”

5. How to get a job in tech sales

We uncover the dirty secret that learning about tech sales is only the first step in getting a job in tech sales. We walk through what’s the perfect next step to landing a job in tech sales based on your specific goals.

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